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The Vault

Our vault is privately owned and operated. This guarantees the highest level of anonymity for you and your valuables...Read more

Alarm Monitoring

Whether you’re at home or away, you can rest easy knowing The Security Center is behind you. Our UL certified pros...Read more

Disaster Recovery

When there is no crisis, data is copied from each central station and is stored in a central location. Each site sends an updated....Read more

Alarm Monitoring & Protection Services

Advanced Technology In Security

Whether you’re at home or away, you can rest easy knowing The Security Center is behind you. Our UL certified professionals are keeping a constant, watchful eye on your home and business to monitor against break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide and flooding while our vaults safe-guard your precious valuables.

Does your monitoring station meet these standards?

❑ Do they have underground phone lines?

❑ Are they in an absolutely secure building?

❑ Are they 75 feet above ground level?

❑ Do they have back-up generators powered by natural gas and propane?

❑ Are they certified by Underwriters Laboratory?

❑ Can you call your monitoring station to test the line to see if the system is reporting properly?

Your Safety and Security Depend on Who is Monitoring Your System


UL Certified Central Station • CSAA Five Diamond Certified • Highest fire and wind resistance rating • State-of-the-art phone system • Underground telephone lines • Complete system redundancy • Located 75 feet above street level • Nationwide monitoring services • Burglar and fire alarm monitoring service • Video verified response • Keyless entry with managed access control • Video event monitoring • Supervised GPS tracking & reporting • Back office services • Billing & collection Services • Medical Alert / Personal Emergency Response Services


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    GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions